daiquiri lime

  1. BotanikBob

    New Grower 6x different DP strains under 480W LED

    Hallo AFN, I recently decided to do my first grow journal ever to keep track of some mistakes and for better comparison of finished grows. I have 10+ of photosensitive grows experience and 1 auto grow so far. Whoever likes to read or watch, just sit down and enjoy! :) Oh, and I'm german, so this...
  2. Locke

    Indoor DP-3xAuto Daiquiri Lime&1xGrape Crinkle-soil-scrog-mars Hydro

    Dutch Passion genetics scroged in soil under led
  3. TermnalVoid

    Indoor Airpots and Aeropress Perpetual Noob Grow

    Hi there AFN! Welcome to my very 1st grow log. It could be the most exciting or the most tedious thing I have ever embarked on, but learning is guaranteed. I'm going to grow 3 Dutch Passion Seeds in AirPots. 2 x Daiquiri Lime Auto and 1 x Auto Blueberry My set up is; 80x80x180 Black Orchid...
  4. diddydon

    Indoor Auto Ultimate v Lime Daiquiri (Dutch Passion)

    Ok, i'm a bit late posting this, as been so busy, still it should save you all from me boring you shitless in the early stages.. These babies were started off in 3ltr Airpots using a 50/50 mix of canna coco pro and can soil mix, They were then transplanted into Ugrow Superior Coco and into...
  5. Terra Firma

    Dutch Passion Terra's DP Auto Daiquiri Lime grow under GN HS1's

    Hi fellow growers, I've started a new Dutch Passion AutoDaiquiri Lime grow. I put three seeds into some moist toilet paper to germinate on the 19th of December. My setup: Space: Mammoth Pro 1.2×1.2m tent Medium: Canna Terra Professional mixed with Plagron Coco Premium. Additives: Mycorrhizae...