1. Y

    Trimming leaves in flower in bushy/dense plants

    Hey fellow growers, This is my first grow and I've faced a couple of unexpected challenges. For once my plant didn't start flowering automatically so I switched the light cycle in week 6/7. Therefore it got much bigger and bushier than expected. A little too big for my small closet. It is a 2x2...
  2. Debbie Chronicle

    New Grower Is it clear when I'll harvest?

    hi guys! Since this website has helped me a lot i wanna ask this.. can you tell when i'll be able to harvest? Is it soon? I go on vacation for a little over a week on friday and i tried to plan this harvest before that, but I feel like due to the white pistils (and some clear trichomes), i wont...
  3. Johnnybudseed


    Hello, i was wondering in your opinion what was the best overall auto you have ever grown? I am sure everyone would like to see everyones personal favorite and chat about the differences. I know i would. Please take a moment and post your Favorite EVER you or a friend has grown! Please post...