dinafem white widow auto

  1. W

    New Grower FB WCOG, Dinafem WW, Dinafem BC

    Just starting a new run, switched a few things up this time. I run two tents, a 5x5 gorilla and a 2x4 gorilla lite. Both have raptor hoods, the 5x5 runs a dual bulb with two 600w bulbs. And the 2x4 has a single 1000w hps. I am using promix bx (standard where I'm from) and I came full circle...
  2. FullDuplex

    Dinafem FullDuplex braves White Widow

    Hello boys and girls. I figured since i was going to run some more DinaFem gear again that i would do a proper journal here in their home forum. I will also use this as a product review of the strain. There is no incentive for this grow and review other than the smoke at the end of the run...
  3. V

    New Grower Stunted plants on first grow, recovered. Thoughts?

    Hello AFN, I'm new to this forum and new to growing as well. I'll give you the run down on my plants before I list my grow details. I'm growing in Promix HP and when I started, I watered with 6.5 PH water up until about day 25 or so and noticed my girls were nutrient deficient and growing very...