1. The Bedroom Gardener UK

    Indoor Saving The Old Dragons

    Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. In 2012 I was lucky enough to be posted some Black Dragon #2 to the UK :dragon2:. I set about growing these, with some great results. I am a sucker for a lovely purple bud. To not lose out on future crops I bred a couple out in 2013...
  2. AeonSophia

    New Grower Black Stone Grow (LED in Coco) by AeonSophia

    Hi I'm Sophie, your friendly neighborhood plant-loving mystical hermit. This is my first time growing cannabis, though I have experience cultivating other plants as well as some fungus. I've done a lot of research in my spare time for over a year into different methods of growing, so I have some...
  3. C

    Indoor ChillFreds Perpetual Cannabis Adventure

    HEY and WELCOME to my little corner here at AFN! I decided that I wanted to have one "homethread" and since i recently had to abandon my plans of having an outdoor/greenhouse garden this year, i realize my perpetual thread is best suited in the indoor section. I grow in a small cabinet...
  4. TheSpacePope

    Dragon Meds Dragon Porn Day 43- Grow Battle preview!

    Alrighty! Both the girls are now officially switched over to Flower and dropped the Lights on them. These Hands down are the Largest auto's i've grown so far pre-flowering stage! Most likely gonna pick the non LST plant for the Official Gladiator. But I will keep with the updates. I measured the...
  5. trendkill84

    New Grower Dragons???

    All I have been seeing the more I read are people talking about dragon autos. I found mephisto because of this AFN and they are now my new favorite autos to grow and I have yet to smoke one lol. They just smell SOO good. I feel like I have said that a lot. Anyway Who makes these magic beans and...
  6. Ronin

    Photography Duurty Dragon

    Duurty Dragon Container: 2 gallon Airpot Medium: Botanicare Coco Nutrients: General Organics Lighting: 12 lamp T5 fixture (10 lamps @6500k 2 lamps @ 10,000k +uvA) @18/6 16"/40.6cm tall Harvested on day 66 She is now drying in a bag. I'll post dry weight once she is ready. Thanks for...
  7. Ronin

    Photography Magic Dragon

    Magic Dragon Container: 2 gallon Airpot Medium: Botanicare Coco Nutrients: General Organics Light: 12 lamp t5 fixture 10 lamps @6500k 2 lamps @10,000k+uvA @ 18/6 Harvested day 68 Thanks for stopping by!