1. OttoCBD

    Indoor CBD Crack in Drip/RDWC

    Since the inspiration and motivation for this grow (my first indoor in over 20 years) came from the simplicity of TaNg's now legendary schedule, I thought it would only be right to share the grow here. Those of you familiar with TaNg's schedule know that I'll be using AN nutes. I've tweaked the...
  2. Day 16 for OG Gorilla and Day 8 for Killer Kush.

    Day 16 for OG Gorilla and Day 8 for Killer Kush.

    Today's report Auto Gorilla OG Day 16 Killer Kush Day 8 High temp - 83 Low temp - 71 High RH - 65% Low RH - 48% Reservoir PH- Increased from 5.56 to 5.93- I believe that this is caused by the distilled water. Not sure. Reservoir current temp. 68 degrees. First feed as follows 15ml of Armor Si...
  3. Mañ'O'Green

    Dinafem Oh Solo Mió

    Under Construction Opening Late August @Mañ'O'Green does a Solo cup grow with @Dinafem-Mark . I think they are here to fill my cup! Coming soon to a warehouse in the sticks. If you think that is big you should see the straw :haha:.
  4. MassMom

    Nutrients Will my Advanced SensiGrow/Bloom go bad if this happens?......

    my last grow a while back I used Advanced Sensi Grow & Bloom. I tightened up the bottles before I stored them away. I was just going through my nutes and noticed that when I squeeze the bottles I can hear air rushing out...then when I let go the bottles fill up again with air. If I shake them...
  5. puffy

    Grow Mediums Best easy auto watering system for two trays

    So, not quite sure where to put this thread, but since the heading said "irrigation" I'll put it here. I plan to grow 18+ plants sog style in 2litre growbags in a tent. I don't want the worry and cost about setting up 18+ separate dripfeeds, so I plan to do it somewhat different. I use a very...
  6. Wile e Peyote

    Mephisto Genetics Wile e does a Tyrone Special or two

    hey up afn thought i should post this here after the great customer service i got (psst they do the same for everyone :thumbsup:) cant recommend them enough on with the log i am at day 14 germed in root riot cubes using Ronins germing technique found here planted into there final pots (10 ltr...