1. J

    First time in coco

    First time growing in coco with canna coco proffesional plus and i just planted 13 seeds wich 7 sprouted and 6 never saw the light of day. i germinated 6 more seeds and put them in the coco an hour after i had moistened the coco and none of the 6 has sprouted. i plant the seed just below the...
  2. 509Blazer

    Extraction Drying Bubble Hash

    Ok guys, I went ahead and made some bubble hash and got more than I thought I would. I pressed the hash and then feather cut the piles into tiny pieces which dried overnight. The next day I pressed the hash into sugar cube sized chunks, six of them to be exact. I have been doing some reading...
  3. GCase

    Harvest & Curing The Art of the Cure

    Howdy Have used many methods of curing over the last few years. This time I decided to try bags. Best quality to date--aroma, appearance and texture. What I did: 1. Followed and modified Cervantes' cure by first giving buds/cut branches a water bath with hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes...