duurty dragon

  1. O

    Indoor Duurty Dragon X GHAZE C99 (C99)

    I’m back & starting off with a cross I did like 10 yrs ago of Duurty Dragons X GHAZE C99 (C99) The seeds being so old we’re somewhat difficult & very slow to germinate but they’re moving along quite well now. Germinated 12 and kept the top 5 seedlings. 1 is a buy and 2 have shown as females...
  2. iWumbo

    Indoor durrty dragon 1 gallon torture test

    hello afn peoples I'm planning a torture test for the duurty dragons I want to see how resilient they are I plan on messing with light cycles and giving hefty amounts of cheap veg+bloom nutrients to see feed tolerances and any tendices to hermie should come thru if that light cycles mess up a...
  3. Ronin

    Photography Duurty Dragon

    Duurty Dragon Container: 2 gallon Airpot Medium: Botanicare Coco Nutrients: General Organics Lighting: 12 lamp T5 fixture (10 lamps @6500k 2 lamps @ 10,000k +uvA) @18/6 16"/40.6cm tall Harvested on day 66 She is now drying in a bag. I'll post dry weight once she is ready. Thanks for...