earth juice

  1. O

    Rainbow mix pro ratios for auto flowers

    Hello everyone, I have recently bought the rainbow mix pro grow (8-6-3) and bloom (2-14-2) to amend my soil for easy gardening since I work a lot and liquid feeding wasn’t the best method for me and was difficult to explain to my wife when I wasn’t home. I was wondering if anyone has had any...
  2. SMOOTHseven

    Indoor BangingBuds!!!!

    Hello Stoners. I have been away for some time now but all is well. Fixed up the room and finally bought another computer. Last grow was smooth sorry for falling off. These are @mephisto Toof Decay and Green Crack in @gbd supersoil.
  3. Hal 8999

    Dinafem OG Kush DWC organic

    Earth Juice Grow 2-1-1 Earth juice Bloom 0-3-1 Fox Farms Big Bloom .01-.3-.7 Earth Juice Fulvic Acid 0-1-0 Norwegian Kelp Powder 1-0-2 Humic Acid Epsom salt General Hydroponics root plugs Tap water LED Apollo Horticulture 400 Light mover rail type 2x4x5 Foot grow space I just placed the seeds...
  4. B

    Old Reviews Anyone ever try these pre-packaged fertilizer kits?

    I am growing an autoflower. I have a FastBuds seedling, Crystal Meth, their mothership strain. I'm fairly new to growing and in the process of completing a space bucket. Medium is coco coir in a 2gal smartpot under 4 23w daylight cfl's. I need your guys insight about which fertilizers would be...