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epsom salt

  1. April Fool’s Magical Mystery Drop

    Completed April Fool’s Magical Mystery Drop

    I’ve been digging thru old stock and found a bunch of seeds all mixed up in one of my older containers. I decided to drop a handful on a lark, I’m waiting on some new seeds and I needed to keep my year long monthly drop stagger going so I said what the heck. I ended up with 4 lil sprouties...
  2. K

    Indoor Hindukush Auto Various Problems

    Hello there, it's a very nice forum I have been reading for a long time. I have 3 hindukush autos from sensi seeds. My growing conditions are relatively poor im not in eu or usa. whatever related to growing some buds is so expensive here. I use tap water with 7.5 ph according to a document I...
  3. Franky Haze

    New Grower How much Epsom Salt for a lil somango auto?

    i have a somango auto that's turning 5 weeks old in two days and showing signs of sulfur def or possibly iron def with yellowing veins that started in the new growth and has moved into the older growth starting from the leaf base. I've read that dilution is anywhere from 1 tsp to 1/2 cup per...
  4. Johnnybudseed

    Old Reviews Cal-Mag Needed? also how beneficial is it?

    Hello, At the moment i am in full bloom for 3 of my plants and am feeding the following - FF Big Bloom 3 tspn, FF Tiger Bloom 2 tspn, 1 tspn molasses, 1 pinch epsom and 1/8th tspn superthrive - [super once a month] I also will be recieving CalMag in the next few days, will that replace the...