1. OMGautos

    Indoor LED Organic Blueberry Kush Day 1 germination & Euforia day 56

    Been lurking on the forum for a bit reading and learning. Starting my second grow and half way through my first. I'll be growing two Nirvana's Blueberry Kush. I have two Dutch Passion Auto Euforia on day 56. Nutes: Bio Bizz Fish Mix, Bio Bizz Bloom, CalMag, and Hygrozyme. Lights: 800w Led by...
  2. sour.b

    Lighting Sour.b's continuous auto grow

    Here we are AFN peeps:tiphat:.. I joined the forum a few days ago. I've grown photos outside and inside in the past (10 years ago) but this is the first time with an autoflower strain and under LED I will be growing DP's Auto Blue Mazar. The setup: -Grow Cube Classic 80 (that I've cut to...