1. Raskalius

    Ventilation/Fans etc

    Hi there I just got given a Gorilla 5x5 shorty and a Medicgrow Ez-8 1000w LED, I will be setting up a grow in my basement. I've got workmen around at the moment and I was thinking of getting them to make holes in the walls for intake and exhaust ducting since that is the only option to get...
  2. Zootown68

    Importance of Air Exchange in Early Growth Stages?

    Hi, all. I gave myself lots of time to worry about things (and learn) before I begin my first grow on Jan 1, but have a feeling that my brain will actually NEVER stop worrying. This might be the perfect hobby for my OCD tendencies :gassy:. My tent is 32"x32"x5' and I have a 6" Hydrofarm fan...
  3. Carecrab

    Exhaust fan outside grow tent

    Hey again ya'll and thanks for answering my previous post! I was about to start my first time tent grow but before I started I wanted to test my carbon filter. To my surprise the filter was fucked because you can smell anything that I put inside the tent. So I got a new filter from the store...
  4. Harry_Kovert

    Ventilation / Air flow

    Good afternoon to you all. A question I asked in live chat last night..... I have a Gorilla Shorty 3 x 3 x 5.9 up in my loft coversion. 2 Velux windows open the large majority of the time so good airflow. Currently seedlings under a single GN HS1 - a Telos 0008 and possibly a HGL 100 will be...
  5. T

    Grow Room My fan is too powerful on low setting

    I got a Vivosun 6” inline variable speed fan for my 4x4x7 tent. It would be perfect if the tent wasn’t in the garage. Even on low it’s dropping the temp too much. Can I hook up another speed controller to it? Or should I just get a smaller fan? The 6” will be great in the summertime but right...
  6. div__grows

    Indoor Need help filtering out the smells (room with bathroom vent)

    hello everyone. new to the forum. i am looking for some help getting the smell in my grow space filtered and pushed outside. right now the grow room has a NuTone QT-80-B bathroom style fan than pushes the air outside. when you go outside where it vents out you can smell the flowers. I am...
  7. nicecoolbud

    New Grower Scrubber and Fan for 3' x 3' x 2' Growbox Recommendations

    Hey all, I've searched high and low but can't find what I'm looking for. Chances are, it's hiding in plain sight. If so, my most abject apologies. :biggrin: And hopefully, this is the right place to ask this... I'm building a 3' x 2' x 3' growbox. I want to include a filter and fan but I...
  8. T

    Live Stoners Hello all. Newbie in the UK looking to do his first grow.

    Hi everyone. I have been trawling the interwebz and cannabis forums looking to set up my first grow. I'm certain, for the time being at least, I want to be growing autos (I have my eyes on "Cheese Candy Auto" by delicious seeds. Has anyone had any experience with this seed?) My current plans...
  9. Torquemada

    New Grower Looking for a Homebox XS fan/filter combo in Europe

    I've grown weed in space buckets without carbon filters and now that I'm upgrading to a Homebox XS (60x60x120 cm), I need a fan/scrubber combo. I've done a lot of research, but I still have some problems applying it to my situation. Here's what confuses me. I found something that seems...