fast and fast

  1. Daipot

    Indoor First grow: heavyweight fast and vast

    Hi all. This is separate thread for my first grow. In one tent is have 2 super skunk by Sensi,2 amnesia haze (apologies I've forgotten the name of the breeder), one dark purple by sweet seeds and 2 fast and vast by heavyweight. ALL SEEDS ARE AUTO'S!!!! I have an overall thread on my grow so...
  2. M

    New Grower auto's on 2x300w cfl + shogun nutrition

    Starting grow with 2x cfl 300w (got blue, red and dual spectrum) 16 litres Rhizzo pots,coco, perlite, nutrition from shogun. got anyone experience with growing on cfl?
  3. CannaMedic

    New Grower Vast and Fast Nutrients Recommendations Please

    Hello I'm about to start a new grow and need some advice. I did a previous Vast and Fast Fem-AF grow using General Hydroponics nutrients. I did get a decent outcome but I don't really like GH products. I really want to find a great formula for this grow. As per research I have been starting...