1. B

    Stem gone brown

    Hey guys i had to move it out of the tent cause of space for 3 weeks and now its back in. Its at roughly 80days and preflowering. Its gone brown and had some white fungus beneath it. Soil was quite high so ive cleared beneath it. Should i cut it or can i save it. That particular stem isnt...
  2. HolyTHC

    Lighting Portela, Negra 44 (R-Kiem), CBD Mango Haze (CBD Crew) and Kraken (Buddha seeds) under Telos 006

    Hello AFN! It's time to start new grow diary for me. This time all action will be in my new grow box witch space of 76 * 56 * 76 for plants and use new GN Telos 006 for that. No other lights will be used, this will be pure test of Telos. This time im growing couple of plants from seed and...
  3. GoAuto6

    Dinafem The Next Dina-might Dina-Fem comp is here..

    The first 12 members with a 200 post count 6 U.S and 6 Europe/Canada will get a pack of Dina-Fem White Cheese. to grow out! for this fine show and tell. A plant will be chose by poll and the winner gets this Dina-Fem shirt And a 5 pack of white Widow Auto.
  4. 420ing

    New Grower 3 ballsacks

    Hi there i have been away for ages vegetating and flowering also i suppose and eh well i got this plant and it had 3 male flowers at the very bottom of the main stem and nowhere else the rest was 100% female. The plant is a Vertigo from paradise seeds and the one thats been fertalised and...