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  1. The Vault

    G13 Labs Cannabis Seeds Competition

    Win Cannabis Seeds, Tee Shirts, Seed Storage tins, Ashtrays and Air Freshners from G13 Labs in this exclusive, Instagram only promo! To read more and enter visit https://www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk/Cannabis-Seeds-News/g13-labs-win-cannabis-seeds-on-instagram
  2. Kya Knight

    Photoperiod Feminized F1s

    I have limited space and most of my energy is going into autos. Id like to make a batch of fem seeds i can pheno hunt from. Im starting an emerald triangle blueberry headband and a g13 mozzerella. Going to journal their progress here and if they are solid ill grow them again as F1s.
  3. David A Schools

    Outdoor Outdoor Diesel

    Hello. I think I accidentally stumbled into how to start a thread so we’ll call this one Outdoor Diesel. I’m new to site and trying to figure out this posting thing. Posted a few random pics yesterday from my last outdoor grow of Green Crack that I harvested on 7/6, but will try and keep all...
  4. The Vault

    A new year means new breeders and new strains at The Vault! (PART 1)

    At The Vault, we’re constantly working on exciting new ways to improve our already inter-galactically recognised selection of top-quality cannabis genetics. Just when you thought we couldn’t rise any higher, The Vault is ready to ascend to the next level with a stratospheric line-up of new...