gn leds

  1. MedGrower

    Nutrients MedGrower does Remo Nutrients (DWC/GN lights/DutchPassion AWW)

    Alright. After checking out some awesome growing with Remo Nutrients, I got my hands on them too. I desided to take some time to do my part in testing these and see how an fairly average grower will do with them in fairly average conditions with DWC. Previously I had good results with Advanced...
  2. sour.b

    Dinafem Blue Kush #1

    Boooom Blue Kush is on! Not my first Dinafem strain but my first time posting in the sub forum. Since I am doing a journal in another Seed Breeder sub forum grow, I thought it would be fair to have one here too. I have been sitting on those Blue Kush beans for about a year now so here we are...
  3. MedGrower

    Lighting MedGrower does AutoUltimate (ms006/HS1/DWC)

    Hello all! I started growing 2x DP's AutoUltimates now under one MS006 -led. Once my Mazar -grow is finished I take one HS1 from there and add it to boost this one. Today is day 1 from the young ones getting rid of their seed cover and opening up their little leafettes. Grow space: 60cm x...
  4. TaNg

    Lighting Grownorthern Wall of Fame.

    Thought I would throw a thread up where we can show off a plants grown under GN,it will be handy for people who want to quickly find out if the lights are any good too. I will get the ball rolling. DP Auto Blueberry. Dinafem Auto White Cheese. Delicious Seeds Auto Northern Lights Blue...