1. Skycable

    What could this be?

    Problem: Yellow/green spots on the leaves. Matt green areas under the leaves. Taco leaves. Medium/grow method: 70% soil, 30% coco, some perlite. 5liter pot. Been feeding organically, with every watering I gave small amounts of nitrogen, after pre flowers appeared I gave it some diluted banana...
  2. Frankidelics

    Fast Buds 3rd Grow: FastBuds' Green Crack!

    Hey everyone, Hope you're all doing well. Starting a journal for the 3rd seed I planted, FastBuds' Green Crack! She is supposed to be one of the quickest, but am not too sure how hungry she will be. Grapefruit is not very hungry but GSC seems more hungry haha Will see for Green Crack! I am still...