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  1. Elias

    Indoor Low Stress Training/First Time Growing

    Hello growers, smokers, stoners, or whatever you see yourself as! Im currently on a grow, and i have no clue what strain it is.. The thing is, i planted three seeds and all 3 made it, but due to the lack of growing experience i failed two outta three but one is still growing under 150wHPS 22/2...

    New Grower Second Balcony grow. Auto Ultimate, Blueberry Berry

    Season is starting so i popped my beans 4 days ago.Planted them a set them to 24 cycle in my "prep room". Three beans of Auto ultimate by Dutch Passion. Three beans of Blueberry Berry by Bulk Seed Bank Soil Plagron grow mix Grandma's homemade bio compost Perlite Nutrients General Organics...
  3. S

    Indoor We are creating an all in one system! Tell us your thoughts!!

    Hi AFN, We are a team of engineers and growers that are building an all in one, 1 plant growing experience. We're conducting some research on people's experiences and opinions on growing so that we can build the best product possible for you. If you have 5-10 minutes to spare, it would be great...