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  2. W

    Indoor Growbox setup (Need some help, tips)

    Hello guys. Just recently made a growbox set and I want some opinion and advice for a beginner grower. Tent: Mammoth 90x90x180 /3x3/ Ballast: Nanolux 400w dimmable Bulb: Sylvania SHP-TS Groxpress 400w Vent: CFM 180 4" inlive ventsTT pulling trhough a carbon filter (can filters 150m3) across a...
  3. treetopper

    Indoor Indoor Grow using Ghost Cabinet Stealth Grow Box

    Hey Buds, I think I am going to give a Ghost Cabinet Stealth Grow box for sale. I am stuck on which one to get. I want to have 2 plants going at once if possible in 1-1.5 gal soil pots. I am looking to get the most yield without going to crazy on the box. The 3ft boxes are pretty...
  4. nicecoolbud

    New Grower Scrubber and Fan for 3' x 3' x 2' Growbox Recommendations

    Hey all, I've searched high and low but can't find what I'm looking for. Chances are, it's hiding in plain sight. If so, my most abject apologies. :biggrin: And hopefully, this is the right place to ask this... I'm building a 3' x 2' x 3' growbox. I want to include a filter and fan but I...
  5. C

    Indoor Building 3 plant box for the first time, need some help :)

    hi all, I'm planing to build small, 3 plant, box! I have a peace of furniture 110x60x30cm 10x25cm carbon filter with built in turbine at the top HPS Light 400w small rotating fan and just a couple of holes at the bottom (no in-take fan) do you think this will fit in 110x60x30cm box? do you...
  6. Hues

    Lighting Small cab, Led? Need advice

    Hi, I started a grow recently, a link in my signature. I want to get a led light for my cab but my cabs height disturbs me: it's 40″, i use 2.5 liter pots and a carbon filter is on the way so they'll steal some height. mars II 400 looks really efficient but the company advice 24"x30" hanging...