1. Cheesecakes

    Grow Mediums No growth after germination in coco coir?

    Strain: Royal cookies RQS Media: Coco coir 65% Perlite 35% Nutrients: Advanced nutrients coco grow A+B Additives: Advanced nutrients B52, Voodoo juice Light: 600w super T MH , 200w Helios COB Timer: on 20-4 off Temp: day 25c, night 20c Humidity: 65% Ventilation: rhyno extractor + 2 fans for...
  2. L


    How's it's going everyone this is my first auto grow well first grow period. It's week 2 and the plants are growing just encountered a few roadblocks: •Spotted white specks on my leaves not sure if it's thrips or powdery mildew. (Treated it as powdery mildew seems to be clearing up) •Torn a...
  3. Buddy Barrel

    Lighting CFL BATTLE Vertical vs Horizontal

    Hey everybody I just started growing my own, using CFL There are plenty of you out there using these kind of lights all with different results. Now i like to challenge all of you to put in your experience and decide once and for all... how to use those watts to the max potential!!! first...