1. guido420

    Indoor Short Stuff Super Cali Strain Testing v.1.0

    I have been fortunate enough to get some Autoflower strains from Short Stuff to test out. So I figured I would put the Log here. Short Stuff Seeds has sent me some Super Cali Haze crosses that appear to be fantastic. Check 'em out: Super Cali Haze x Sativa AK47 Super Cali Haze x Yeti Super...
  2. guido420

    Indoor Guido's First Auto LED/CFL... Black Skull Seeds Diesel-Matic

    While not the first time for me, it is the first Auto. Not to mention the first time in Hawaii. Oh and first time in a Tent. Needless to say I didn't do good. I killed some prime seeds starting out. So I was lucky and my order from Single Seed Centre showed up. I grabbed the Black Skull...