1. S

    Is this Herm?

  2. Iamthejazz123

    Is This A Hermie?

    I've never had a plant herm before, are these balls? Thanks for the help!
  3. Cannakisses

    Swollen calyx or herm

    I went to check on the ladies today, and I noticed something, I don't know if its swollen calyx, if its hermed, if its hermed what should I do I have another plant in there. I changed the lights couple of week ago and last week removed dead leaves and a few really yellow ones.
  4. 420ing

    New Grower 3 ballsacks

    Hi there i have been away for ages vegetating and flowering also i suppose and eh well i got this plant and it had 3 male flowers at the very bottom of the main stem and nowhere else the rest was 100% female. The plant is a Vertigo from paradise seeds and the one thats been fertalised and...