1. Dr. Babnik

    Indoor Operation Dutch Passion. Growing Automazar.

    Operation Dutch Passion Preparing my second grow. I have 2 Super Skunk in flower and a vegging White Widow. I purchased a new tent so I already can start new plants. Germination: I have a pack of 3 seeds. They were transfered to the propagator tray with perlite and some excess water. Perlite...
  2. Dr. Babnik

    Indoor When to switch to bloom nutes, what suppelemys to choose and when to change CFL lamp...?

    The fist pistils appeard on Super Skunk #1 a few days ago. Super Skunk #1, pic 2, day 37 by Dr. Babnik posted Apr 16, 2016 at 10:12 PM Can you guys teach me and show me some pics of how the flowers should look like when it is time to change from veg to flower nutes? At what stage should I go...
  3. Dr. Babnik

    Indoor Best bloom and bud booster?

    I use base nutes from Hesi and grow in soil. What is the best booster for bloom and budding out there?
  4. Dr. Babnik

    Indoor My first grow - please adivce!

    Hey! This is my first post about my first grow. I have initiated my first grow. I am growing auto versions of White Widow and Super Skunk. I would appreciate your comments and advise to my setup and the comments below. My garden, overview by Dr. Babnik posted Apr 2, 2016 at 9:51 PM Left...
  5. C

    Indoor 3 Sweet Cheese in my 300w LED Cabinet

    HAPPY NEW YEAR FELLOW STONERS! The year is 2016 and it is about time for me to come out of my shell and share what i am up too... Who am I? I'm a guy in my late twenties who has had enormous problems with substance abuse and alcohol since before my teens. Thanks to weed, my wonderful...