hps vs led

  1. Natty

    New Grower ProMix LED vs HPS

    Hey guys, Long time lurker first time poster. I've learned pretty much everything I know about autos from this site so thanks to everyone who has contributed and helped me out. I'm am about to start up my second grow in a few weeks and my wife has agreed to let me use our spare bedroom instead...
  2. Daipot

    New Grower Hps to LED transfer

    hey guys and gals. I'm currently doing a grow which is 9 days old. The seedlings look reall healthy but they also looked kinda stretched because of the distance between them and the bulb is over a metere. I have also got seven new seeds to go into the tent tomorrow and I don't want the issues of...
  3. E

    New Grower Hey guys need some genius advice so I came to AFN. R&B or NW? COB or normal LED? Big yielders? etc

    Hi AFN heads, just toying with ideas for my next set up and would appreciate some input.. (not a new grower but never done auto or indoors so technically new) I have a couple Qs and would be grateful for any advice. 1. Are COB lights better than normal LED in terms of harvesting a large...