1. liquidsun

    Indoor 400W, 80x80 tent, 3 Genetics: LSD-25, WW XXL, AutoMazar

    well, it's been long time passed that i couldn't find any place and time to grow this beauty of the nature until this time.. :) I'm a newbie, so feel free for any help and suggestions.. here is my setup; - 80x80x180 tent - 12L airpot - plagron lightmix soil - Advanced Nutrients (Sensi bloom...
  2. Unique

    Dinafem Critical+2.0 AutoFlower

    Hello everyone and Welcome to My Very First Grow Journal..As I would Like to do Testing for Seed Breeder's. I am Experienced With Photo's & Auto's..I hope my grow will show that. I currently have DinaFem 's Critical+2.0 Autoflower @ Day48 This is A Massive Autoflower. Originally this Autoflower...
  3. regen

    New Grower MH + HPS with Mr Hempy DIY everywhere i can

    Hi fellas Regen here, (beware broken Engrish) After i smoked all my buds and cleared all my problems and stuff i decided to grow again. Like an old man said, once a grower always a grower. Anyway, i like to DIY all the stuff i can because of two reasons; Cheap and funny. This time i wanted to...
  4. joker

    Grow Mediums 5x Himalaya gold 4 x canatronic x laog , 2 x shb x laog [400][1m2] Wilma vs Dwc by joker

    seeds -5 x himalaya gold konkursowe 4 x canatronic x laog 2 x shb x laog 1 x no name Ms - 0.92 temperature - 22.5 Ph - 5.9 box -1m2 lighting - hps 400 fertilizers - hesi hydro starter day 1 peace