1. Rhubarb Pi

    Auto Indicas - Cancer/Insomnia

    YO AFN CREW! I wanted to get various opinions from AFN members - what is the strongest indica auto you guys have worked with? Like stated in my intro, this entire project will be for my dad, to help him sleep at night & to relieve pain for his symptoms. I'll be running 3 Bears OG, Skywalker...
  2. Y

    OLD REVIEWS Recommend me an Indica... was thinking Northern Lights maybe?

    Hi all I want to grow an Indica strain as have never really smoked very much Indica - i find Sativas prevent me from sleeping so would like something nice and relaxed which promotes sleep, something nice for music/TV any suggestions? I was thinking Northern Lights as have seen some good...
  3. Dr. Babnik

    New Grower Fast Buds - Tell me about your experiences

    What is your experiences with the strains from Fast Buds? It seems like an interesting collection.