1. Frogster

    Auto Seeds Smoke Report - Autoseeds - Purple Stilton

    Seed Bank:- Autoseeds ( Tag:- ) Strain Name:- Purple Stilton Plant selected :- Plant Number 1 Cut Date:- 13th April 2019 Did it Autoflower ? :- Yes Medium:- Soil/hydro - Canna Pro Soil mixed with perlite (20%) & pebbles (25%) and a bottom layer of pebbles. Description:- 1...
  2. Johnnybudseed

    Indoor Perfect Pot Size - And what the outcome.

    Hello, I have been wondering really, what is the perfect pot size? will my plants be the right small size if i use a small 1 or 2 gallon pot? Please let me know if you have grown in pot sizes 1 Gal - 5 Gal and the ups and downs. Thanks guys and i hope this is an intriguing thread to elaborate on.