led help

  1. KapScot

    New Grower Indoor Newbie Advice Request - 2 x Mars Hydro 300

    URGENT question… 2 x Mars Hydro 300's - To buy or politely say not suitable for me? Apologies if this is a bit long winded… hey it's late… I'm stoned (created an essay) I'm usually an outdoor grower, but this year built a small growbox to give outdoor girls a 3-4 week starter in what is an...
  2. E

    New Grower Hey guys need some genius advice so I came to AFN. R&B or NW? COB or normal LED? Big yielders? etc

    Hi AFN heads, just toying with ideas for my next set up and would appreciate some input.. (not a new grower but never done auto or indoors so technically new) I have a couple Qs and would be grateful for any advice. 1. Are COB lights better than normal LED in terms of harvesting a large...
  3. C

    Lighting I need help picking a led

    So I'm need to LEDs right zzzzzzz so I would like to get a led that would do 4-6 plants. Veg& flower. An ideas? Iv been looking on Amazon but not to sure what to get. So money go's I'd like to spen 400-600$
  4. TaNg

    Lighting Grownorthern Wall of Fame.

    Thought I would throw a thread up where we can show off a plants grown under GN,it will be handy for people who want to quickly find out if the lights are any good too. I will get the ball rolling. DP Auto Blueberry. Dinafem Auto White Cheese. Delicious Seeds Auto Northern Lights Blue...