light schedule

  1. McDee

    Lighting 20 or 24?

    Hey growers, just ordered 2 autocobs from BigSm0, and wanted to know what other autocob user's light schedules are. I have always used 20/4, but going to be cold for good part of next grow so wouldn't mind the lights on to keep temps up. Plus I am new to cobs all together so 24/0 maybe a better...
  2. E

    Photoperiod Photoperiod plants straight with 13-11 hrs light / day?

    Hello AFN experts! I have a question for you all: it's related to my present guerrilla grow. Outdoor Guerrilla: White Widow Max, White LSD, AK47, Sour Diesel Because of losing a lot of the original auto seeds for this grow, I put a number of freebie seeds on soak and added them in. This...
  3. Daipot

    New Grower Tips for first grow

    hi guys and girls. I'll be starting my first grow later this and I'm both very excited to start doing this and also very nervous, as you could imagine. I have a few questions that id like answering by the community if anyone would be kind enough to help? So the best way for me too do this is...
  4. xxxGAUGExxx

    Indoor Seedling Light Schedule 24 hours? when start 20/4 schedule?

    Hello all...was wondering when I should start the 20/4 light schedule with seedlings? I have them on 24 hrs light right now. Thanks!