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lighting schedules

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    Messed up lighting schedule

    Hi guys my DP Colorado cookies are about 8 days since breaking ground. I've messed up the lighting schedule twice now... The lights are on a 20/4 regime (10pm They are off untill 2am) and once I forgot to turn off the lights until 1:30 am and just today I forgot to turn the lights back on until...
  2. R

    Moving an auto from outside to inside would the light schedule be 12/12 or 20/4?

    I've been growing a Nirvana Sky outside, it has +/- 24 days left, the weather has turned cool & wet so I've moved it inside; should I have the light schedule at 12/12, which its used to outside or can I put it under 20/4 like my others, without a problem?