1. Trichome farmer

    Dutch Passion LEMON ZKITTLES & BUBBA ISLAND KUSH (new dutch passion photos organics)

    hello AFN heres my new grow we have some real treats in store in the form of two new photo periods from dutch passion big fan of the lemon skunk a parent to the LZ so it was a no brainer then the bubba island kush is rumoured to be the new house favorite around dutch passion she is supposed to...
  2. Terra Firma

    Lighting Terra's DP Blueberry + Think Different grow under GN HS1's

    Hi fellow growers, I've started a new Dutch Passion AutoBlueberry and Think Different grow. I put two seeds of each strain into some moist toilet paper to germinate on the 7th of November. My setup: Space: Mammoth Pro 1.2×1.2m tent Medium: Plagron Lightmix mixed with Plagron Coco Premium (2 x...