1. Doctor's Choice

    Be a Breeder – you can create your own autoflowers with our regular seeds and personal support!

    Doctor's Choice - an honest seed company and cultivator with a rich history, pioneering the revolution in cannabis cultivation. Founded by Sasha Przytyk, fondly known as the Joint Doctor and recognized as the Father of Lowryder, our roots trace back to the birth of autoflowers. From early on...
  2. DarKnight

    Dutch Passion StarRyder ® grown in soil medium amended with perlite

    StarRyder® grown in soil amended with perlite. Well water with fish emulsion added as a fertilizer at each watering.
  3. I grow my own

    Grow Mediums 1st auto Dwc diesel

    5weeks from seed 5gallon Dwc 600w has GH nutrient
  4. I grow my own

    New Grower Auto Diesel by speed seeds

    Two days old under 150watt hps for the first week of seedling stage will be switching to 600 watt in a week or so..