1. RQS Royal Haze Auto + Royal Highness (noauto) + others

    RQS Royal Haze Auto + Royal Highness (noauto) + others

    I'm having quite a lot of free time recently due to the recent end_of_the_world (hope not), so I decided to plant sth else besides tomatoes, beans, corn, cucumbers, ... and hokkaido squash! Bought 2 packs of seeds from RQS + get some bonus seeds (2). Germination1: Decided to use wet cotton-wool...
  2. DubV

    Sweet Seeds DubV's Sweet seed photo runs

    Thought I would throw a little sweet seeds photo action into play my friends :Cool: For those that are not familiar here is the rundown... Hydrohut 2 x 4 tent GrowNorthern MS-006 x 2 leds Vortex 4" fan Phresh 4 x 12 carbon filter 14 liter airpots x 2 Sunshine mix #4 AN ph perfect grow...