1. breeding project chosen male

    breeding project chosen male

    I just HAD TO share a photo of this, because ive never had one look like him before. he was all purple, and stank when i crushed him. I soaked this little piece in water so i could take it out and photograph it. I wish i could have photo'd the whole plant, but you cant get a camera that clean.
  2. F

    Polyploid male, should I just throw him out?

    Hey guys, I just started breeding males so that I could collect pollen and I ended up with a polyploid male. Is there any point in keeping him around or should I just throw him out?
  3. papykush

    New Grower sour livers

    I got a male auto or a hermi. 5 weeks in
  4. pop22

    Indoor Pop22's Breeding and Random Grows and Projects Thread

    This thread will cover my small tent and my 2 cabs. They'll be used mostly for breeding and growing plants that don't quite fit in with my current grow cycles, like a photo taking up room that's not ready to be put into flower, a male that needs to be isolated for pollen collection, etc. Right...
  5. E

    Photoperiod Early Top Tao - photo or auto?

    Early Top Tao - photo or auto? Hey amigos and amigas, I'd like to show you, and ask your opinion about, this plant: It's Early Top Tao, at 25 days old, under 17/7 lighting, males flowers at the 5th node or so, about 10cm = 4" tall. I got 3 free Early Top Tao photo reg seeds with a Seed...
  6. 420ing

    New Grower 3 ballsacks

    Hi there i have been away for ages vegetating and flowering also i suppose and eh well i got this plant and it had 3 male flowers at the very bottom of the main stem and nowhere else the rest was 100% female. The plant is a Vertigo from paradise seeds and the one thats been fertalised and...