1. parsing_trees

    Advice for reg (non-feminized) autos?

    Do you all have any general advice for growing regular (non-feminized) autoflowers? I've had several successful grows with feminized seeds (and an unsuccessful attempt with colloidal silver), but will be growing some regs for the first time soon, from Mandalorian and Night Owl. Normally if I...
  2. breeding project chosen male

    breeding project chosen male

    I just HAD TO share a photo of this, because ive never had one look like him before. he was all purple, and stank when i crushed him. I soaked this little piece in water so i could take it out and photograph it. I wish i could have photo'd the whole plant, but you cant get a camera that clean.
  3. E

    Sati-dom Auto Reg Seeds - where to find them?

    Happy 420 day, AFN familia!! Sati-dom Auto Reg Seeds - where to find them? Seems like most companies that do autos have only fems. For a person like me thinking of breeding, we need males. The CS and STS options seem ... possible, but ... some work. Those smaller breeders that do have regs...
  4. Righteous Reefer

    Indoor Would Mi5 make a good dad

    I'm planning on breeding and I wanted to know if Short Stuff Mi5 would make a decent stud plant for what I hope to be a generation of random purple pheno seeds . Also auto breeding in general what would be a good stud plant for purps. Im looking into Stone dragons for a stud as well.
  5. Cultivated Cultivars

    Auto's Only: P1 (Male*) x P2 (Female) F1-F4

    :pass:Why is a P1*(male) of a particular strain used, instead of a male from P2*(Female) strain's? Vice versa? Example: P1*(Auto Bubba Cheese) x P2* (Auto Purple) =:smokeit: P1*(Auto Purple) x P2* (Auto Bubba Cheese) =:smokeit:
  6. Son of Hobbes

    Multiple Males and Pollen

    Hey guys I have a few questions about pollen I was hoping maybe someone could answer. How close is too close for a male plant and your female plants? Do you guys let males grow out in a separate room all together? Is it safe to keep the plants on the same level of the house? Should I move my...