1. Margahooja

    WHITE n' BUBBLY by Margahooja

    You read that title right. I'm really excited about this strain. It is Walter White x Hubbabubbasmellocope. I planted a seed directly to soil wednesday 9-9 at 4pm. It is in a 5 gallon equivalent airpot. I'm using Potters Gold soil. It will be started under T5 lighting for a few days. Then it...
  2. Margahooja

    Fantasmo Express #2 by Margahooja

    I'm giving this strain another go. Here are the details. Today is day 6 for this seedling. I planted the seed direct to soil in a 5 gallon equivalent airpot. This seed sprouted in 54 hours. I am using my usual Potters Gold Soil. I will be using General Organics nutrients. Lighting will be under...
  3. Margahooja

    Terrestrial Cheese by Margahooja

    Hi everyone. I planted 3 Terrestrial Cheese Saturday. Tuesday #1 T-Cheese sprouted. As of today the other 2 have not sprouted yet. These were planted directly to soil in 1 gallon transplanter smart bags. These will be in Potters Gold Soil and eventually transplanted into 3 gallon pots. I'll be...
  4. Margahooja

    Triangle Dragons grow by Margahooja.

    First I would like to thank GoAuto6 for the opportunity to grow out a couple strains from the Terrestrial Bean Company. Due to some space constraints I have right now I am trying for 2 Triangle Dragons at this time. I'm new at growing from non feminized seeds so I'm starting small and try to get...
  5. Margahooja

    Hubbabubbasmelloscope #4 by Margahooja

    I started another HBSS. Here is a photo of day 3. This will be grown in Potters Gold Soil. The last one I grew was in Canna Terra Pro + soil. It's in a 5 gallon equivalent airpot. Right now its under 110 watt T5 lighting. In about a week it will go under a combination of Mars 192x3 reflector...