1. NORBY

    MarsHydro Light Shows 2023 MARSHYDRO TSW2000 grow with Sawneys beans.
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    Marshydro tsw2000 Grow I'm currently using the Marshydro tsw2000 that I was kindly offered by @Marshydro This will be my 3rd grow using this light with no complaints what so ever. I think its an awesome light Thanks again @Marshydro EQUIPMENT MARSHYDRO TSW 2000 LED Grow Light Dimmable...
  2. AutoDomz

    New Grower Mephisto Mystery Mix. 2X4X6 Tent w/LED in supersoil(first grow)

    Hey Afn! I managed to get my hands on some Mephisto genetics mystery seeds and ohhhhh am I excited. Here are some details about my lil grow I got going on! Space/temp : 2X4X6 grow tent , 82°f on average at about 48% humidity. Lights : Mars Hydro 300w + kessil h150 Soil/amendments : Fox...
  3. nudger361976

    300w MarsHydro 5w Diode's

    Hi All, Just checked the underside of my LED, I have found 3 blacked out diodes, 1 totally melted. Really as scared me to death as I grow in a wooden shed! I run the light under 17 hours per day if that, started 12/12 about a week ago. Be careful people, that was a massive wake up call! and...
  4. P

    New Grower 2 300w mars hydro early miss 5x5 tent. Advice?!?

    Im starting my grow here in a week and i have 2 mars hydro 300w LED lights and im trying to go for 5 Early miss autos from crop king seeds im just looking for any tips or advice. My experiance is only with photosensitive plants and hps. Every thing and anything helps! i will be posting updates...