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master kush

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    2 x DP Master Kush heading toward 1st night of 12/12.
  2. The Vault

    Strain Spotlight: Master Kush by Dutch Passion

    Kush fans rejoice! Dutch Passion has created one of the most delicious, unique varieties of this beautiful strain ever made! To celebrate this incredible strain, The Vault is giving away a whopping 15% discount off Master Kush, when you enter the code: MRK15 in the cart! Read more at...
  3. Rebel

    Med-Man Brand -- MGM -- Test Grow Home Thread

    Evenin' Folks! AFN is PROUD to announce a Med-Man Brand - MGM (Medical Grade Marijuana) - Signature Line - Test Grow!!! 8 of us are going to be test growing a variety of strains by Med-Man Brand - MGM Signature Line and showing them off here for all you all, including Med Man himself, to see...
  4. TaNg

    Dutch Passion TaNg's Masterkush & Dutch Cheese Grow.

    Dutch Passion have got an incredible photoperiod selection so I'm going to try and work my way through it over the next few years,I've already grown there Outlaw and Blue Velvet both of which were beautiful this time it's the turn of Masterkush...