1. Dublegendz

    Mephisto Genetics 5 strain dwc grow...all Mephisto

    3 Bears OG by Mephisto 4 Assed Monkey by Mephisto Walter White by Mephisto Double grape by Mephisto Auto Blues x 3 Bears OG (freebie) 5 DWC buckets (5 gallon) 3 GN blue air pumps 1 vivosun commercial air pump 3 air stones in each bucket HLG LED's - (2) QB288v2's (3000K)...
  2. Canadijuana

    New Grower Canadijuana's first Grow, 4x4 tent, Critical + 2.0, Moby Dick XXL, Samsung F strips

    First grow! Hoping to use this thread to document the journey, and for assistance when the need arises! Looking for some wisdom! I've tried to read quite a bit before getting started but I feel there are a few things I could be doing better so feel free to provide some constructive criticism...
  3. L0wbob2017

    Indoor L0wbobs legal adventures

    So after some time in researching a lot about all types of cannabis, light and soil i wanted to start something with the knowledge i collected in my brain. Since @TheMongol is growing some very nice auto-strains and also some pretty good chilis, i decided to start growing legal plants at my...
  4. L0wbob2017

    Lighting DIY watercooled photosynthetic-research COB-LED-Lamp completed build, tell me what u think

    Hello all thread-viewers, my idea was to build a DIY-LED with COB's and make it kinda special. So i decided to watercool the COB's which some of u alrdy guessed, get pretty warm. Since the COB's are more efficient when cooled better, watercooling was my only option to go. These COB's are all...
  5. HempyGorilla

    Lighting Hello New here and need some advice on my DIY LED Adventure : )

    First i would like to say hello lol and that I am not a autoflower grower but cam here cause you guys seem active lol. Need some help with a selection. My list is what I can afford so please don't tell me to get some unaffordable shit lol not a word I know its cool lol. K so here goes I have...
  6. MedGrower

    Lighting Test grow with DIY light (4x Citizen CLU048 with 200w meanwell driver / DP AutoEuforia)

    My setup is as follows: Grow space: DIY cabinet 60cm x 100cm x 200cm (DxWxH) = 0,60 m2 Reflective material on the walls is Orca growfilm Lights: Grow Northern HS1 for early vegetative period DIY COB light fixture (4x Citizen CLU048-1212 4000K CRI80 -COBs with 200w meanwell driver) Lightcycle...