1. T

    How do you ideally precharge coco coir?

    I think I used nutes+calmag before. Might buy+use Greenleaf Megacrop for the run, so this will be included as one. You go til it wastes in any size pot you're starting in right? Then leave it for 24 hrs before you plant the seeds for germ? How long must you wait to feed them again when the...
  2. D

    Grow Mediums plants that need similar medium as MJ

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there are any other plants out there that have the same ph/nutes requirement as cannabis. There is a knowledgeable guy at my local nursery from where I want to buy the right soil - airy, not hot etc - but I don't wanna give it away that I am growing weed. So any...
  3. GreenMersh

    Advice Needed. Medium/seedbank/Pots

    Alright so I’m looking for the best and most fool proof options, as I am re doing a lot of my growing set up. I need to figure out what is the best and most simple soil for a newer grower to use on auto flowers. I’ve been using pure happy frog soil from fox farm, feeding with just Phed water and...
  4. Mxrider211

    Grow Mediums Coco loco

    Hey everyone im trying to get a thread going on ff coco loco since there is minimal info on it anywhere, so if you've grown in it or have info on growing in it exspecialy on when to start feeding n how much to start with plz share your knowledge!
  5. ApprenticeFarmer

    Live Stoners Hello AFN family!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to start my first Autoflower grow very soon. I'm thinking of purchasing some Auto Amnesia Haze, Auto Moby Dick and Auto Critical Mass, firstly whats your opinion on the strains I've chosen? I think I'm going to opt for a 250w HPS system as my grow space is limited. I'm...
  6. Johnnybudseed

    Indoor Perfect Pot Size - And what the outcome.

    Hello, I have been wondering really, what is the perfect pot size? will my plants be the right small size if i use a small 1 or 2 gallon pot? Please let me know if you have grown in pot sizes 1 Gal - 5 Gal and the ups and downs. Thanks guys and i hope this is an intriguing thread to elaborate on.