micro indoor

  1. A

    New Grower Help First Time Experience, little messed up!

    Hi to everyone, hope you can guide me trough this issue. I'm a newbie here and for the first time i planted 5 seeds in the same pot in my room, and they grew up unexpectedly. Now i just want to know if it's ok and watch out the picture below, whats'wrong with the plant? Guides, advices or...
  2. Modsogner

    Indoor First grow, DP AutoWhite Widow CFL

    Hi everyone, my name is Modsogner and this is my first grow. I live in Santiago, Chile and would like to share with you guys every step of my plants. so lets start with listing the hole operation specs. Well i constucted the indoor out of wood, the right size to fit into the space i have...