1. Knowhowitis

    Lighting lemon kush ms006 Organic biobizz grow

    I was given these 2 plants from a friend so I thought i would get the 1x1 tent back in action to see what we can do with these As usual I like to keep things as simple as possible I have transplanted them into their final pots They will be growing in a biobizz light mix medium And i will be...
  2. Knowhowitis

    Lighting Auto blackberry kush (MS006) 100% organic grow

    Been a very long time since I was on here mainly because life happens and had nowhere to grow for a while However With 4 weeks left on these 2 girls I thought it was time to share them with you I'm running the same setup using an old oldskool grow northern light the ms006 I am just using a...
  3. MedGrower

    Nutrients MedGrower does Remo Nutrients (DWC/GN lights/DutchPassion AWW)

    Alright. After checking out some awesome growing with Remo Nutrients, I got my hands on them too. I desided to take some time to do my part in testing these and see how an fairly average grower will do with them in fairly average conditions with DWC. Previously I had good results with Advanced...
  4. Qupid

    Mephisto Genetics Full Tent Of HubbaBubba

    Hubbabubbasmelloscope Day : 00 Yesterday I germinated my beans now I play the waiting game I'll post an update when the beans finally sprout. For now i've just got a snapshot of the cupboard ready to veg these girls, once they're around week 2/3 I'll transport them into the 4x4ft tent for flower !
  5. MedGrower

    Dutch Passion MedGrower does (finally!) AutoColorado Cookies! (DWC -grow with GN lights)

    Hello and welcome to my AutoColorado Cookies -adventure! I have been anxiously waiting to try some of these babies out ever since I got them (Thanks @DutchPassionTony). Now that my wifes medical setup is secured for many months ahead, I got a green light to go ahead with these! I put two seeds...
  6. M

    New Grower ms006, mars 2 700. mars 96/3 help advice

    Good day fellow growers, I have a question that i was hoping someone could help with. my grow space will be 90cmx100cm i have the below lights to use, question is which ones would be best used in this space. 2 x mars 700. on is broken the need new driver , the other has some LED's burnt...
  7. MedGrower

    Dutch Passion AutoBlackberry Kush -cabinet grow (DWC/MS006/HS1)

    Hello all! Beginning of the week I started germinating two ABBK seeds and one had popped up last night. Guess this is officially day 1 for the grow. Wish me good luck! I put two seeds going because I really wish to get that purple pheno. :biggrin: Grow space: 60cm x 120cm x 200cm (DxWxH) =...
  8. MedGrower

    Dutch Passion MedGrower does Blue AutoMazar (MS006/HS1/DWC)

    Hello all! I started a new grow with one remaining Blue AutoMazar -seed I still had. This one is a cabinet grow and otherwise similar to my previous Ultimate -grow other than I am growing only one plant on the same space. Today is Day 1. As I took the the picture it is almost the end of Day1...
  9. MedGrower

    Lighting MedGrower does AutoUltimate (ms006/HS1/DWC)

    Hello all! I started growing 2x DP's AutoUltimates now under one MS006 -led. Once my Mazar -grow is finished I take one HS1 from there and add it to boost this one. Today is day 1 from the young ones getting rid of their seed cover and opening up their little leafettes. Grow space: 60cm x...