1. Soil amendments and mulch

    Soil amendments and mulch

    :coffee2: I've been thinking about microbes lately and have been introducing some Rootwise Microbe Complete to get the benefits for the root zone (Mycorrhizae). I tried to add some during transplanting from the solo cups but didn't really get to add it directly to the roots. Instead, I mixed it...
  2. Green Goblin

    Indoor Oscorp Industries - Living Organics with Green Goblin

    What's up guys, figured it was time to start a journal. This will be an ongoing journal for anything and everything I do as well as future grows..Just give me a little time and I'll get you updated on what I have going on currently as I'm mid grow with Mephisto's Double Grape. Thank you.
  3. Fuggzy

    New Grower Groundcovers, and the benefits they can provide.

    Hi guys Fuggzy here. I just wanted to share some of the info I have gathered from reading, and my own experiences. So I've been growing for about 1 year now. I am an organic gardener, of our favorite herb, and veggies. I'm no master by any means, and am still learning daily. I started off just...