1. Weedboi

    Indoor Royal Cheese Auto - Self topped 1st node

    (7TH GROW) Seeds: RoyalQueenSeeds. Light: Growing under a decent 400W-600W led, not sure what the real power is but not imo 600W. Medium: CannaTerra Professional with a little extra perlite since the soil already has a good amount. Pot Size: 11L Cube DirtPot. Nutrients: FloraTrio...
  2. Q

    New Grower Seedling catastrophe??

    What is this? Been searching for 2 days and haven't seen any photos that look like my plant is she a goner
  3. Threefootgiraffe

    Dividing stems

    Anyone experienced this?, I’m pretty sure it’s not normal, I have two plants, one has divided once and I think the other is doing it twice
  4. D

    Genetically manipulated Cannabis

    Im hoping to spark an argument with this one. not sure what section it fits best it though. I want to discuss colchicine treatment as a way to induce polyploidly in plants. For context, colchicine is the same chemical responsible for the invention of seedless watermelons. An incredibly rare...
  5. Tank

    New Grower First auto grow Nirvana seeds (Northern Lights)

    Hi all, I have done a few outdoor bag seed grows with little to no care to the plants and its been alright. since i gave up the bottle and picked up the pipe more ive decided to step up my game on growing and now have an indoor setup for my winter hobbie :) i decided to start off with an...
  6. EnvyForJ

    Various Proposed Experiments to Induce Mutagenisis in Cannabis

    Mutagenesis is the process of inducing mutations in the genetic code. This can be done using many different methods but is a tool the average breeder has no access to. Breeders could want to use methods of inducing mutagenesis for various purposes such as creating new breeds of plants: such as...
  7. TheBadKid

    Dinafem Kush-n-Cheese Weird Mutations

    Hi everyone, I have one Kush-n-Cheese auto plant at about 5 weeks from seed, it was grown inside under a 300w LED panel for a couple weeks then put outside in western Europe. I have no complaints, it's a nice and healthy plant albeit a bit stretchy, but it developed a couple cool mutations I...
  8. Hal 8999

    Indoor Has Anyone Seen This Mutation Before?

    It is a Kalishnakova I have going from Green House Seed Co. The first set of true leaves was just one big leaf. It has 5.5 fingers, the center is a fork tongue leaflet. I checked to see if the other leaf had gotten damaged, nope. Then I noticed it is a fusing of the two leaves. I can not see a...