1. Jackson

    Live Stoners Sour Crack Auto

    Hello Everyone! I'm back to start the new grow. I have started germinating one sour crack seed this morning. Soil- Roots Organic on top and Roots and GBD soil on bottom half. Water - distilled Grow pot- 3 gallon round Lights - LED 4 bulbs Please chime about in and follow my journey. Feel...
  2. Jackson

    New Grower Ask Auto- Harvest Tine

    Howdy Everyone PC crashed so it's been awhile. So after 73 days I chopped her down. She is now dried and in jars curing. Thank to all of you.She gave me 18 grams of sweet smelling bud that I can't taste yet because of a possible drug test. Been 6 weeks so I should be ok. Will check this...
  3. Jackson

    Auto AK-Day 44

    Hello All- Noticed this brown rust looking spot and was wondering if there is an issue. She is planted in Roots Organic top layer and bottom layer is gbd soil from Mephisto mixed with Roots Organic. Only been giving her distilled water with cal/mag. Recently upped the cal/mag from 1 teaspoon...
  4. Waira

    Quick and Dirty deficiency picture depot (expanded to include other issues as well)

    :toke: Folken- This thread is for compiling various deficiency pics gathered from all around,... the idea is to get several pics of each defc. and it's various symptoms, particularly the more atypical ones,... hopefully, to be included in a more comprehensive, consolidated thread for staff...