new growth

  1. Threefootgiraffe

    New g

    Hi First grow! One plant which is dinafem cheese cbd, new growth is yellow, it’s three weeks old today.. treated no differently to the othe others but has been the fastest since seed, and first to head into flower, have fed it cal/mag yesterday and maybe it needs some time to green up, either...

    New Pheno? Ducksfoot? Genetic mistake? Look at pics and tell me

    I have no idea how I got this one - ok, it was a OG Kush clone (mom looks normal) but after she took root I got these strange ass leaves - Most are single or double leaves and large. No traditional leaves on any type. Does this happen often? It is healthy enough, so I'm going to let her go...
  3. G

    Please Help!! Flowering issues!

    Hello, I planted my northern lights auto seeds that I purchased about 80 days ago, (11 weeks). It's been in flower for at least three weeks now, and I'm getting pretty worried. The entire grow has been fairly slow, but right now the buds are not even close to being as big as they should be for...
  4. G

    Is my plant dying?

    Im in the process of growing a Northern Lights Auto. It's been going well for the most part so far, except it hasn't flowered yet. It's about 7 and a half weeks old. Today I opened the door and it seems like he new growth is curling. It didn't look like this before (not as bad anyway) and now...