night queen

  1. Teetee

    Indoor Teetee's MONSTER Glueberry OG, Toofless Alien, Blue Amnesia and Night Queen Auto grow

    It's time for another Teehee grow, and as usual, I'm in a hurry to get things done. In 3 days time, we have a rental inspection, so the tent is down and the place is tidy.... you'd never guess this has been a cannabis farm for the past 2 years! I finished my last grow about a month ago... a...
  2. Closetflowers

    New Grower Lessons Learned- Night Queen Auto

    Starting a new journal. My 2nd new grower thread however the first adventure was not very fruitful. We are now embarking on version 2.0 out of the closet and into the tent. Strain: 3 x Dutch passion night queen auto Containers: 3 gallon fabric Medium: Oregon’s only #4 w/ epsoma seed...
  3. NugNoob

    New Grower |NN| Dutch P / Mephisto / Dinafem / WW - SECOND GROW

    Hello all again and welcome to my second grow ever! Sorry my last grow kinda dwindled down and well... it fell flat on it's face mostly due to gnats and w/e else I screwed up. One of the AK's is actually still alive (Jupiter) outside buy hasn't grown much at all, not looking healthy either...
  4. Frogster

    Indoor Frogster Autopot Grow:- Auto Blackberry Kush & Auto Mazar

    Hi all, Welcome to my intended “Unofficial Grow Journal”. This will be my second grow indoors, my first was in a tent, Organic Soil Grow, reasonably successful and the harvest is drying and curing nicely. Now, I have never been one to do things lightly, If I do something, I have to do it...
  5. TaNg

    Lighting TaNg's Night Queen and Blue Velvet under GN Holographic Series 1s

    These are DP photoperiods and will be grown in the usual 15L Airpots with Plagron Light soil and Advanced Nutrients. There now vegging under a 75w GN HS1 and will have 2 for bloom. The ages are a little staggered because the younger Blue Velvet took a while to break ground so much so I soaked...