pakistan ryder

  1. parsing_trees

    White Pepper
    Threadmarks: Day 17: All aboard!

    Day 17: All aboard! After a several-month hiatus for work on my house, I've got another grow in motion. The tents have been set up for a few weeks, but since contractors have still been dropping in without warning it was strictly peppers and tomatoes. Once the nights are consistently warmer...
  2. CharlesoOo

    Indoor Free seeds grow Pakistan Ryder 3x and Critical Jack 3x

    Hi AFN :pass:its been a while.... Been growing but not documenting...So time to get up and running again and contribute to this fine community. Still growing under Gnms006x2 in a 80cmx80cm area Biobizz soil and nutrients with added bat guano once flowering starts. Pictures of the Pakistani...