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  1. The Vault

    FREE Paradise Seed with every Paradise Pack at The Vault

    The Vault are still dispatching orders! New offer from Paradise Seeds at The Vault. Buy any pack of Paradise Seeds and receive a free random Paradise Seed! Check our latest deals at Stay safe all!
  2. Str8smokn

    Live Stoners Looking for a good time !!

    hey everyone,as the title says I'm here looking for a good time. Just here to post some pics and see what everyone is running. STR8
  3. The Vault

    Meet the new breeders shaking up The Vault's roster...(PART 2)

    In a previous post, we introduced you to 7 of the 14 brilliant new breeders that have recently been added to The Vault’s impressive line-up. For part 2 we’ll give you the low-down on the remaining seven breeders so you can decide which brand you want to try first… Details of the (second)...
  4. 420ing

    New Grower 3 ballsacks

    Hi there i have been away for ages vegetating and flowering also i suppose and eh well i got this plant and it had 3 male flowers at the very bottom of the main stem and nowhere else the rest was 100% female. The plant is a Vertigo from paradise seeds and the one thats been fertalised and...
  5. Buddy Barrel

    Grow Room Vertical CFL 125w 2700k, paradise seeds autoflowers

    Hey Guys, so... finally got going with my own grow! I have some experience with outdoor growing. Nothing serious though, no proper genetics or feeding, just experimenting. Did a years of plant sciences at university in 2010 and knowledge of plants has further developed since. It has been on my...