1. MidSlotDinger

    Started Flush P Deficiency? Late flower..K?

    Late flower issue here is some background info: STRAIN: blue berry auto (Dutch passion) Set up: 4x4x6.5 Mylar tent LIGHTING Top: 1000w morsen LED (double chip, infrared)+ Side: 4-6 CFLS I run a 300 cfm exhaust fan pushing air out the top of the tent to create negative pressure. (Carbon filter...
  2. PickleRick

    DWC - LED, 2 different plats, 2 different problems

    -Problem: Brown spots on one plant, something else on the other. -Medium/grow method: DWC -Feed and supplements used: Advanced nutrients 5ml Sensi Bloom A 5ml Sensi Bloom B 5ml Cal/mag 10ml Voodoo Juice 8ml Rhino Skin 8ml SM-90 250ppm Same on both plants. -Water source: RO/DI -Strain and...
  3. Cannabinoid

    Bottom Leaves Yellowing and Many Other Problems(I Think)

    Hi Firstly, thanks for any help you can provide. My Equipment and Environment Seed: Dinafem Sour Diesel Autoflower Day: 39 Feeding: Master TANG's Easy Auto Schedule Soil : Biobizz Light Mix Light: MarsHydro Epistar 160 Room Temp: Lights On;25-27C Lights Off:19-21C RH...
  4. G

    Phosphorus Deficiency?! NEED HELP!

    HEY EVERYONE, I have a plant that's been a slow grower from the start. Planted in happy frog mixed with perlite and dolomite lime. The pH ended up being really low (4.7ish) so last week I added hydrated lime and the last runoff reading was done about two days ago. It was 5.7 so the extra lime...