1. BigSm0

    Lighting Amare se-450, hubbabubba and big sm0

    Hello again guys, gals and Victor. Doing a strain I have been dying to run for ages. The all mighty hubbabubbasmellascope by mephisto. Lighting- 3 Amare technologies se-450's Maybe some side lighting if they get out of control. A new bar I just built. 7' long and holds 6 Cree cobs. Soil-...
  2. Bekay

    Mephisto Genetics Deep Blue C in Promix BX

    Strain: Mephisto Genetics Deep Blue C Soil: Promix BX straight from the bag Pots: 5.5 Gal Oxy Pots (Airpot knockoff from HTG Supply) Tent: 2.5' x 2' x 6'7" Gorilla Lite Line Light: 400w MH & HPS in vented sealed reflector Water: Filtered town tap water, 6.5 pH, 129 ppm (no chlorine taste or...
  3. A4

    Old Reviews Pro-Mix Use and Shelf Life

    The below came from Premier Tech Horticulture, the manufacturer of Pro-Mix. I would assume Sunshine Mix has probably about the same requirements. I have used Promix exclusively for 7 or 8 years and there has always been a lot of discussion among us Promix growers about the pH of Promix, the...